Modern Art-Hotel
Welcome to impeccable service and genuine Austrian charm, combined with contemporary art. Thanks to its history, the Modern Art Hotel stands out as a monument of absolute luxury. Significant, inspirational and original.
The authentic spirit fills our hotel with the stories of the ancient city and the hospitality of its magnificent people. Our accommodation will take you a few minutes to the heart of this ancient and beautiful city. And our exclusive team will give you the best of all your heart, with a warm and friendly soul. Experience genuine Lviv hospitality.
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Hrushevsky Restaurant: Cinema and Jazz

Our restaurant has its own personal history - the history of the first cinema in Lviv. You have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the subject of cinemas and actors, posters and old motion picture instruments. An engaging atmosphere, a smooth piano and impeccable dishes - a taste of a long-forgotten Lviv glamour.

And if the restaurant leads you to the theater, the Jazz bar is its opposite balance. Hidden from the eyes of the world, a place where you can plunge into music. Let your eyes adapt to dim lighting, but your ears enjoy real jazz.

Conference service

Our cozy representative conference hall has everything you need for unhindered meetings. Placing up to 60 people with Wi-Fi and technical team, in a standby mode, for assistance provision.

Thanks to our restaurant, we will provide catering service for your event according to your wishes. Coffee breaks, lunches, dinners and buffets - we have individual aaproach to each request.

Transfer service, VIP transfer

Using our service, you do not have to worry about moving around the city and you will not need to pull your luggage.

Transfer services - a comfort, safety, and professional approach. In addition, a hotel service will save you much of your time, since you will not have to search for your own route to your place of residence or take a taxi.

Excursions around Lviv
Individual and group excursions and tours around Lviv. We'll show you all the fun!
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